At the cutting edge


Trama’s luxurious clothing collections combine traditional Italian artisanship with innovative textile technology to create the ultimate in feelgood fashion

“There is a special joy that comes from wearing something unique,” says Carlotta A, Product Developer and co-founder of luxury Italian fashion house Trama. “Each piece of clothing we make is an original – there are no limits.”

Trama draws on the best of the country’s fashion heritage to create these finely crafted pieces for its clientele. “The country is divided into parts,” says Carlotta. “For example, the north is focused on fabrics. Around Lake Como, there are more than 100 of the world’s finest silk producers. Out of these, we will only work with a handful – craftspeople with histories that stretch back generations. Only the finest is worth pursuing.”

Before joining Trama, Carlotta worked with luxury brands, particularly Italian houses. “My passion lay in tailoring for sheikhs and princesses,” she says. “Trama is the evolution of that journey.” Trama’s team of artisans, taste-makers and designers also hail from within Italian fashion. “We each bring a unique skill set from the great design houses. What unites us is a passion to create beautiful things.”

The garments are not just fashionable, they have health-giving properties, too. “We are tailors of ‘wearbeing’,” says Carlotta. Within each piece there are unseen forces at work, such as the silver thread interwoven with the fabric fibres. “It is a shield against electromagnetic waves,” she says. “The silver can protect the skin and improve elasticity. Clothes can do so much more than cover us. Our materials help balance body temperature and improve blood microcirculation.”

The company name embodies this dual purpose. “Trama is the Italian word for ‘plot’,” says Carlotta. “Like the plot of a great story, our pieces talk about the wearer, their life, their aspirations and their status.” At the same time, it is descriptive of Trama’s woven fabrics. “Our materials interweave style and wellbeing,” she adds. “Our designs combine life with fashion.”

At Trama, the idea of tailor-made has been taken to another level, using its clients as inspiration. “Their tastes and character are at the heart of the design process,” says Carlotta. “It begins with a private event where we discuss the client’s aspirations.” This ability to listen to their desires, alongside the brand’s commitment to luxury, has led to its popularity in the United Arab Emirates. “This is a land that has a taste for the best, and we are passionate about bringing the rich history of Italian fashion to others,” she adds.

Another reason for Trama’s desirability is that there are few limits to what is possible. “If a client asks for a cashmere coat interwoven with our specialist technologies, that is no problem. This is why it is important to be in charge of the process from the very start – we bring our knowledge earned within Italy’s great fashion houses and are able to combine iconic elements of style from the history of fashion without having to keep to just one design,” explains Carlotta.

“For every one of those elements, we have a designer. For example, if embroidery is required, we have a specialist for that. To create something extraordinary is only a matter of finding the very best at every stage; the relationships we have built up over the years are invaluable.” Essentially, Trama follows a key principle in its production process: it doesn’t compromise. “From raw material through to the finished piece, there can be no compromise,” confirms Carlotta. “Do this and you will have the best.”