Beyond Frontiers Audio

Using a unique hybrid technology, Beyond Frontiers Audio creates integrated amplifiers that can replicate the nuances and emotions of a live musical performance

How many times do you turn on your stereo to play your favourite piece of music only to despair at the fact it sounds nothing like the live performance? Whether your tastes run to symphony orchestras, grand opera, string quartets, classic rock or contemporary pop, there always seems to be something lacking. That sense of disappointment is what Serbian-Canadian company Beyond Frontiers Audio (BFA) was created to eliminate.

“For the first time ever, we developed the technology, which is the dream of all audio designers, so you are able to hear the sound directly from tubes at electron level, preserving all harmonics, full range of frequencies, natural dynamics, natural colour of voices and instruments, coherency,” says Bosko Pjescic, the CEO of BFA. “Simply, now you hear the sound from tubes for the first time ever, unchanged as recorded.”

The company was founded in 2009 based on the desire to design high-performance, high-end handcrafted hybrid electronics for the listener who wants to make no compromises. The head designer, Zdeneko Zivkovic, was previously at Sonic Frontiers, a pioneering company that had made a considerable impact on the hi-fi industry in the 1990s. BFA now produces a range of stylish, minimalist hybrid integrated amplifiers that are sleek and compact but obtain extraordinary results, reproducing all the tiny nuances and emotion of the original performance thanks to its fusion of cutting-edge technology and exceptional materials.

“The main objective for my designs are two-fold,” says Zdeneko. “One is to provide you access to the best sound that digital and analogue components can provide by applying the best advanced technology available today. The second is to merge music with your inner soul.”

Beyond Frontiers Audio’s debut product was the Tulip amp, which immediately astonished the industry with the power and precision of its sound. Zdeneko described as “the sum total of all I have learned in all my years, the culmination of everything I know”. Since then, the company has continued to break new ground with each amplifier it brings to the market. The current range includes the Triode Topology and SRPP Topology amps, which use a completely new type of hybrid technology that entirely eliminates the necessity for capacitors and audio transformers to produce a powerful but compelling sound. This technology is driven by the need to satisfy serious audiophiles, but which will deliver results that anybody can appreciate.

“Life-like music playback and the authentic, sophisticated reproduction of music is what drives BFA’s team,” says CEO Bosko. “Each BFA component has the same goal: taking a live music performance from a concert hall or recording studio and delivering it without any loss of performance in your living room. You are able to experience performance in its proper acoustic size; you can hear a riff up and down the entire frequency spectrum in its proper time and frequency domain and hear vocals and instruments in their proper tone without any form of coloration. The BFA components do all this seemingly without any stress and with grace and elegance alike. Treble and highs are light and airy, bass is tight, taut and black. Nothing is projected smaller or larger, and each of the musicians plays in the exactly their spot on stage – as it should be. Thus we come full circle: the BFA exists precisely, because there are people who value those experiences.”