Parents often refer to their children as princes and princesses, but now, thanks to Teo & Son’s Magical Carriage, the sentiment can be more true than ever. Teobaldo Fabregas, who proudly considers himself a perfectionist, makes perhaps the most luxurious product you could ever get for your child – a handcrafted wooden carriage that looks like it comes directly from the pages of a fairy tale.

Originally from Cuba, Teo has been based in Florida since 1994. “My father was a master craftsman in Cuba,” he says, “so knowledge of woodworking has been ever-present in my life. I wanted to do my own thing, and something nobody else does. I made many prototypes for each segment until each one worked. Because of my very high standards, it took me two years to perfect the carriage.”

Measuring 10 ft long, 6 ft wide, and 7 ft tall, Teo and Son’s Magical Carriage can be finished to your unique specifications and designed to grow with your child. From a baby’s crib to a toddler’s bed and then a play area, it will be a central part of your child’s life as they grow up – and into adulthood will be kept and treasured as a family heirloom.

“It will have a long shelf life within the child’s life,” says Teo. “It will stay with you until you become a teen, and is designed with the thought of it being passed on from generation to generation.”

Each carriage is entirely handmade by Teo, and in its basic form takes him three to four months to make. Every one is unique and personally customized, from the design of the wheels to having a family name or motto inscribed on it.

There are also many hi-tech options that help bring the old world of fairy tales right up to date. Teobaldo graduated as a telecommunications engineer in Cuba and worked in that field while he was perfecting his craft skills. He can incorporate bespoke add-ons such as Wi-Fi audio, lighting and a baby monitor, all of which can be accessed from a smartphone. Owners can even add a movement system to gently rock the carriage or have it turn in a stately circle.

Of course, there is one important prerequisite for the home that the carriage will become a part of – a large room in which to place it. “You need to have a big house,” he says, “because this is something that will not fit in a standard house. Unless you put it in a back yard, but it should always be covered or semi-covered because of the wood. It’s an artisanal product and should be taken care of.”

The carriages arrive in segments (so they can fit through your door) which Teo then assembles, making sure the customer is happy and everything is perfect. They can easily be moved to another part of the room if fitted with a movement system, but will need to be taken apart and reassembled by Fabregas to be moved to another location.

This level of personal service, from his workshop to your home, goes into every carriage he makes, because Teo knows what a special place it will have in a child’s life. “I push myself very hard to make an amazing quality product with my heart and soul,” he says. “I want to create something that will stay here after I’m gone, so people all over the world can have a little bit of magic in their lives.”