A vision of beauty


Driven by values of art and beauty, Swiss cosmetic brand Valmont has taken skincare to a new level of luxury

Over almost four decades, the Swiss cosmetic company Valmont has earned the support of its customers with a series of innovative and effective products designed to combat the signs of ageing while feeling great to the skin. “So many cosmetic brands are not really trusted by their users,” says the company’s CEO, Sophie Vann Guillon. “They don’t believe in them. But we have developed trust over nearly 40 years, talking to customers, asking how they live and what they need. It is important for us to stay up to date and to adapt to current ideas. We are trying to connect beauty with health. That passion for trust and innovation is our never-ending story.”

Valmont is located in Morges, an area that is home to the world’s finest cosmetic brands. The brand began life as the Valmont clinic in 1905. The creation of the Valmont cosmetic brand came in 1985, with the company’s first product, the Prime Renewing Pack. It was then acquired in 1989 by the Guillon family, who had a pharmaceutical background. They recognised that Valmont’s reputation and expertise could be translated into a fantastic cosmetic brand and began developing a range of superior products. Among these was the Prime Renewing Pack, which rapidly became an iconic face cream. Reformulated and relaunched in 2014, it remains the company’s most popular product. “We reinvented it to give it some fluffiness to the touch,” says Sophie. “The Chinese call it the happy mask because it makes them happy: within five minutes of application, people see recovery as it takes out all the signs of tiredness – it’s like ironing your skin. You can also use it as a mask; it is very versatile.”

The importance of texture – the feel of a product – is essential to understanding the Valmont experience. Considerable energy is spent on ensuring a cream feels luxurious, and that the skin will continue to see its benefits a day, or even two days, after application. “It takes a long time to find this very difficult balance, and it is easy to lose something – the texture or the comfort,” explains Sophie. “You cannot master this in the laboratory or through paperwork; you have to do proper testing on human beings. In fact, we find that people end up asking for more products to try, as they immediately see and feel the difference in their skin.”

There are three strands to Maison Valmont: skincare, fragrances, and art and lifestyle. The Prime Renewing Pack is the most significant product in Valmont’s high-end scientific skincare offer, which includes a variety of exclusive creams, serums and masks for hydration, exfoliation and rejuvenation. The premium, intense l’Elixir des Glaciers brand is perfect for all skin types and enriched with precious active ingredients; the Precious Collection, for instance, uses natural sea buckthorn, echinacea and Rosa Moschata plant extracts, grown in Valmont’s own garden in the heart of the Swiss Alps, while the Majestic Collection uses the best of natural bee products to create unique and high-performing restorative and nourishing products for dry skin.

Valmont’s new addition is the V-Firm line, launched in September 2022 to combat sagging skin using amino acids. This is available as a serum, eye gel and cream, with scientifically measured results for increased elasticity and plumpness. “With this collection you will find a blend of surprising textures,” says Sophie. “The eye gel is almost like honey, but when your skin needs it, it swallows it up. It is a wonder. This is my vision – we take the best knowledge we haveof molecules and combine it with our understanding of texture and sublime comfort.”

Four years ago, Valmont started to produce luxury fragrances called Storie Veneziane by Valmont. “The values we share between our cosmetics and fragrances are authenticity and elegance through harmony,” says Sophie. While the fragrances are strikingly contemporary, unlike current trends they are not unisex. “I have fragrances for men, like Casanova, or for women,” she says. “Fragrances in the Private Collection are about women’s personalities, celebrating women who are feminine but have a strong personality. They have a job, they have a company, they have a man – maybe two men! They have many things. Although it’s for the modern woman, it is based on a traditional fragrance. The latest is called Just Bloom and features lily of the valley, my favourite flower, which is very complicated to formulate. Most of my creations go through waves of ‘balance and unbalance’– a journey that might start quite striking but then finds a heart note that is more classical, softening into a warm note like musk.”

Valmont products are available in a limited number of high-end independent boutiques in Europe, Asia and the US. The company’s own impeccably designed shops are found in major international cities and showcase beauty workshops, introducing the brand’s art-through-beauty lifestyle concept. This is taken to another level at Les Résidences Valmont – the brand’s branch into hospitality with luxury accommodation in Verbier, Hydra, Venice and Barcelona, curated to celebrate beauty and art. “The residences are about enjoying life,” says Sophie. “Stay with us and we will give you advice on looking after your skin, as well as tell you about exhibitions and performances in the area. There’s a butler to take care of your needs, and we offer masterclasses for cooking. The walls are covered in art from our own collection.”

That art is also on display at an exquisite palazzo in Venice, the permanent home for the Fondation Valmont’s collection. “At all our venues, we wish to use art to create cultural or shopping experiences that enrich the mind, body and soul. That customer experience is very important,” says Sophie. “When you stay in a Valmont residence or use a Valmont cosmetic or fragrance, it is a reference to quality, excellence and elegance. There are no short cuts to good taste. This is our mission, our craft, our religion, and it has given us meaning through the ages as we prepare to celebrate our 40th anniversary.”