A symphony of style

Linly Designs

Celebrating 20 years of business, Linly Designs has a reputation for classic elegance and beautifully designed interiors

“If you don’t follow trends, you can never go out of style,” says Linly Designs President and CEO Janet Linly. “We have beautifully designed and luxurious home furnishings, designer lighting, one-of-a-kind accents and impeccable service to offer alongside those pieces.”

Established in 2002, Chicago-based and internationally-recognised Linly Designs focuses on creating timeless design and achieving style perfection for its clientele. As Janet explains, the company aims to design for a client’s lifestyle, not just to decorate a room. “Our goal is not only to make a stunning and comfortable space,” she says. “It is to create a new meaning and elevate those spaces. A client might say, ‘I have a living room that is not used very often, what can I do with that space?’ If the client enjoys reading, we will suggest, ‘Why not make it a library?’” The design of a room should be led by its function.

Janet made the audacious decision to open her first store in 2007, at a time when the US was in a recession and many retailers were shutting down. The 1,000-square-foot-space quickly became a destination for discerning clientele; Janet’s vision of designing entire room settings in the store allowed her clients to fully visualise the finished look. “I was elated to offer my clients the feeling of a real space versus presenting them just with images,” she says.

The key to cohesive design, Janet explains, is creating a sense of harmony in the way various elements are placed together. “Like a symphony, you can have every instrument playing beautifully on its own, but it is not a complete symphony until all the instruments are playing together. One element can make or break a cohesive design.”

Janet is always inspired by timeless, luxury brands that thrive, succeed and influence the world of fashion. However, at the same time as celebrating a particular design aesthetic, the company helps clients express their own taste and vision in their home, or otherwise explains to the client why Linly Designs has chosen a particular style. “I might point out that a larger-patterned fabric is a better choice, or that the room will appear grander if the window panels are mounted higher.”

The Linly Designs team do not seek out business, Janet says; rather, clients come to them because of the recognition the company has for its achievements in luxury design and superlative customer service. She believes in establishing long-lasting personal relationships alongside creating high-end spaces, and strives for quality over quantity in all aspects of the business – “because of that, we have created an internationally-recognised luxury brand.”

The company’s current 11,000-square-foot design store in Clarendon Hills, a suburb of Chicago, is where the team assist clients with exploring their personal design dreams. Rather than expand the business by opening in more locations, Janet explains, “Our growth and success is recognised by the greatness of our team, the exclusivity of our products, and our unparalleled services.” Indeed, over the years Linly Designs has curated a professional, successful and expert team of craftspeople, cabinetmakers and other skilled artisans.

In 2022, the company has been celebrating its 20-year anniversary. “Twenty years ago, I set myself on a journey to redesign and create not only interiors, but also to elevate my clients’ lifestyles,” says Janet. “I am passionate about what I do and the results my team and I achieve. I am only as good as the people behind me. Together, we work like a symphony.”