Aqua Carpatica

Deep inside Romania’s Carpathian mountains – the source of more than 60 per cent of Europe’s natural mineral water reserves – lies the source of Aqua Carpatica, a mineral water of unrivalled purity

The natural mineral water that is bottled under the brand name Aqua Carpatica owes its unrivalled purity to its source. It comes from natural springs deep under the ancient Carpathian Mountains, within the last truly wild forest in Europe. So pristine and untamed is this region of Romania that it has been untouched and untainted by any human activity for centuries. With no agriculture or industrial activity for miles, it’s like going back to a time before chemical fertilizers or industrial pollutants.

“We’ve always been taught that change is necessary for survival,” says Jean Valvis, the founder of Aqua Carpatica. “Things need to develop, to grow, to evolve over time. But, when it comes to water, it’s just the opposite. It’s about getting back to its purest form – getting back to basics. With water, less is more.”

Founded nine years ago in Romania, Aqua Carpatica has developed a global presence in markets such as the UK, the US, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Spain, Greece and Australia due to its unique purity. “Romania is fortunate because it holds more than 60 per cent of Europe’s natural mineral water sources,” says Jean. “Aqua Carpatica is unique as it comes from a land completely untouched by man, deep within the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. This wild forest – one of the last of its kind in Europe – has no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, and an underground journey of up to 40 years guarantees the water’s natural filtration process.”

Water makes up 60 per cent of our body weight, 75 per cent of the brain and contributes to the body’s most crucial functions. Yet the focus seems to always be on food, rather than how much water we drink, or what kind of water we choose. Staying correctly hydrated is one of the healthiest habits you can adopt, and one of the easiest. Yet all water is not of equal quality, as Aqua Carpatica proves.

Aqua Carpatica comes in two varieties. The still water is sourced from Bajenaru spring and it is harvested at the surface using environmentally friendly technology. The naturally sparkling mineral water is sourced from Paltinis aquifer, where a blanket of metamorphic rocks surround and protect a naturally sparkling mineral spring, free from nitrate pollution. It’s nature’s most perfect water.

For both varieties, millions of years of volcanic activity have filtered any impurities at source and endowed this water with its peerless flavour. The outstanding qualities of the product and the company’s environmentally friendly practices have won Aqua Carpatica many international awards, the most recent being the Crystal Taste Award conferred by the International Taste Institute in Brussels. This coveted accolade, awarded by a jury of 125 chefs and sommeliers, recognizes Aqua Carpatica products for their pure taste and uniqueness.

“These waters are extremely low in sodium, virtually nitrate free, naturally alkaline and a natural source of bicarbonates, which are beneficial for a healthy digestion,” says Jean Valvis. “We’re on a mission to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy a best in class water, and Aqua Carpatica delivers the perfect drink for adults and children alike when it comes to pure, natural, life-enhancing water.”

The principles that underlie this premium water are those on which Jean Valvis has built his company – quality, sustainability, people, life and community.