A shining success


The jeweller Messika has won a global following for its modern designs and singular focus: diamonds, pure and simple

In a short space of time, Messika has become a leading player in the world of gemstones. It employs hundreds of staff all over the globe, and a host of influential celebrities wear its distinctive diamond jewellery. Founder and Creative Director Valérie Messika launched the company in 2005 after working alongside her father, the renowned diamond trader André Messika.

“He said to respect the rules and find your own style, don’t copy anyone,” says Valérie. Building on his advice, she decided to fight against the perception of diamonds as solely for the very wealthy. “It’s a balance between modernity and accessibility. I started with prices from 500 to 5,000 euros; high-end but affordable at the same time.”

Her intuition proved correct. While rubies, emeralds and pearls are vulnerable to trends, diamonds have become steadily more popular. “My jewellery is a tribute to the beauty of the diamond. I try to make women dream and feel empowered through the act of purchasing diamonds for themselves.”

Messika has created diamond pieces for high-profile figures, including Beyoncé and Rihanna, and has collaborated with model Kendall Jenner. “She’s empowering and represents the independent woman and the Messika woman, too,” says Valérie. “Messika’s success has partly relied on the new, younger generation who resonate with our message, and Kendall definitely embodies that.”

An organic approach runs throughout Messika, not only in the elegant design, but also in Valérie’s decision to work closely with the people she loves, such as her husband, cousin and best friend. “I feel really blessed,” she says. “I’m strong on some things and bad on others, so I’m surrounded by people who balance my weakness.”

This strong support network and family structure allow her to innovate quickly in a similar way to the fashion industry, which is her biggest inspiration. “I try to refresh my collection all the time by bringing in new techniques to help people understand my message,” says Valérie. “If you do things with passion and heart, you don’t feel time passing and are constantly inspired.”

As to the future, it is clear that Valérie will continue to follow her instinct no matter what. “Our strategy is simply to make the diamond even more famous and more desirable,” she says. Considering the impressive but natural rise of Messika, it is an approach that has worked exceptionally well.