Studio Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon is an internationally renowned design studio, recognized for its multi-disciplinary design services. Since its founding 35 years ago, it has created one-of-a-kind design experiences that balance functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

“Our background stems from craftsmanship,” says the firm’s founder, Piet Boon. “There is an art to designing a pleasant, balanced environment. These elements are fundamental for one’s well-being, and they create a sense of calm.” Piet honed his skills and vision as a carpenter and architectural contractor in Amsterdam before setting up the firm in 1983. Since then his studio has acquired an impressive portfolio of clients. It has designed various interior products, collaborated with Land Rover and Porsche, and launched its own high-end furniture and kitchen collections.

The part of Amsterdam in which the firm is based has been an epicentre of artisanal excellence since the 15th century. For more than 500 years, the city’s Zaanstreek district has been the historic home of master craftsmen, painters and masons. Piet, a native of Zaanstreek, has continued this tradition with this world-renowned multi-disciplinary design studio.

With a compact team of 60, Studio Piet Boon’s global creations are distinctly individual. It has designed interiors for high-profile luxury hotels (such as the Rosewood in Antigua and the Andaz Hotel in Seoul, South Korea) and restaurants (including the award-winning Jane in Antwerp, Belgium), as well as retail spaces and luxurious private homes in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. “We work across the Far East, and we love the Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’ philosophy of ‘perfect imperfection’,” says Piet. “New York, meanwhile, has a preference for contemporary design. We’re always mindful of the environments that we work in; for instance, in the Caribbean, we source the best local materials that are durable in the sea air.”

All of these varied projects are connected by an ethos and a natural flow. “Whether corporate or private, our philosophy of balance transcends all categories of design” says Piet. “Our roots lie in residential design, and we have become experts in that field and know how to design for effortless living. Natural light, long sight-lines, proportioned spaces, neutral palettes and art are a few of the elements that contribute to that. In addition we love to work with rich natural materials, like oak. Not only because they convey a sense of luxury, but more importantly for their richness in texture and feel as well as their durability. They become even more beautiful with age; they tell a story over time, and fit you better.”

For Piet, a home should be functional, beautiful and also reflect the person who lives in it. “It should be somewhere that you can make the most of your space and time,” he says, “where you can be yourself and live life to the full. If your living space makes you feel good, you can take on whatever the world throws at you.”

The studio’s seasoned expert designers, architects and stylists collaborate with their clients to tailor each project to their individual needs. “Sometimes the designs appear very simple; the challenge is in creating an understated backdrop that stands the test of time,” says Piet. “For us, it’s deeply understanding our clients’, or their client’s, lifestyle, values and environment, that enables us to breathe life into each custom design and shape its unique identity. It’s about creating that one design that fits like a couture piece.”