Arinzano Wine

Wine has been produced on the Arinzano estate for centuries. Little wonder, then, that it was the first in northern Spain to receive the Pago classification – a status awarded only to Spanish wineries that produce consistently outstanding wines. “The estate is perfect for making fine wine because the land is spectacular,” says Julien Schell, Head of Hospitality and PR at Arinzano. “It’s in a closed valley with a river in the middle. This is extremely important because it creates the perfect microclimate. We also use the most advanced techniques to guarantee an artisanal approach throughout the winemaking process.”

The Arinzano brand was relaunched in 2015 when new owners took on the winery, situated on the slopes of the Pyrenees in north-eastern Spain, in between Rioja and Bordeaux. Since then the company has worked to bring its wines to a new audience, and has also consulted with the World Wide Fund for Nature to ensure that its production processes are sustainable.

The estate is a place of great beauty, with stunning views, an entrance designed by the renowned Spanish architect Rafael Moneo and buildings that date back to the 16th century. Over the past few years, the company has begun to welcome in guests keen to find out more about winemaking. Luxurious rooms are available for visitors to stay on site and spend time touring the vineyard and winery. Guests can enjoy culinary events at which Arinzano wines are paired with food prepared by a former Michelin-starred chef using produce from the estate’s organic garden. The estate also boasts an impressive ham cellar stocked with some of the best Spanish hams.

Above all, guests can explore how Arinzano produces its wines and see its commitment to the very highest standards in action. “We offer barrel sample tastings and show how we take care of the vines, explaining the relationship between soil quality, grape quality and wine quality,” says Julien. “We open everything to our visitors.”

As the Arinzano brand continues to grow, Julien is confident that this very direct relationship with customers will be key to its success. “We’ve created something simply amazing and we want our consumers to know all about it,” he says. “Anyone is welcome at any time.”