A healing garden


Skincare company RE:ERTH harnesses the superpowers of unique Japanese plants to restore skin to its optimal condition

“The story of RE:ERTH began 20 years ago, with the mindful act of one farmer concerning Japanese White Turmeric, at that time a mystery species,” explains co-founder and CEO Shinji Yamasaki. The plant was grown in the local Kyushu region by farmers who prized its beautiful flowers and used its roots in tea but discarded its leaves. One farmer felt troubled about wasting the broad, glossy leaves and approached Professor Komai, then Head of the Agriculture Faculty at Kindai University, to see if there was anything useful in them.

The professor (pictured far right with Shinji Yamasaki) discovered the leaves had unique properties, including the ability to stimulate cell activity, promoting rapid healing and cell regeneration. “This helps the skin become its ideal state,” says Shinji. Based on these findings, and consumer studies with over 1,000 people, in 2017 RE:ERTH launched products derived from both this plant and from Japanese Spring Turmeric, which was shown to have unique skin-brightening properties. The brand continues further research with Kindai University.

“Our products help your skin achieve optimum condition,” says Shinji. “Whether dry, sensitive or oily, these are symptoms of a root cause, an imbalance that manifests on the surface. Most products address the symptoms, not the underlying causes.”

Today, based in Singapore, RE:ERTH sells products such as Multi-Targeted Elixir to customers in countries including Norway, Saudi Arabia and Colombia – places with very different climates and challenges to skin, proving RE:ERTH products’ versatility.

Beyond skincare, taking steps towards a healthier ecosystem is a key goal of RE:ERTH and its users. RE:ERTH has partnered with a Singapore company that fully recycles plastic packaging, converting it to virgin-quality recycled plastics and non fossil-derived fuel. The programme is also available to non-RE:ERTH customers, who can bring in any kind of plastic waste for recycling.

“We’re not just another feel-good ‘natural product’,” says Shinji. “The unique ingredients in our products have been studied at university level, while combining the latest in cosmetic technologies, such as Lipodisq, which ensures RE:ERTH’s products actually penetrate the skin, not just sit on its surface. We’re neither 100 per cent synthetic nor 100 per cent fully organic. Every product created is a result of dedication to quality, efficacy and sustainability.”