A glittering future

Analucia Beltran Diamonds

Sustainable jewellery brand Analucia Beltran Diamonds is truly a girl’s best friend for style, ethics and accessibility

When a young Analucia Beltran saw her mother’s tears of joy on receiving her first diamond ring – lovingly saved up for by her father – it left a dramatic, lasting impression. Describing such a gift as a real rarity and luxury growing up in South America at the time, she has since made it her life’s mission to bring that feeling to others.

As founder and designer of Analucia Beltran Diamonds, her jewellery brand, this pioneering entrepreneur creates “Real Diamonds for Real Women” using sustainable lab-grown diamonds. Each luxurious piece is a celebration of femininity and female tenacity. But glamour and innovation take commitment. “We’re a small but very powerful, very dedicated team of people,” says Analucia. “We’re literally living and breathing the business. We’re moving into markets where no other designer sustainable-jewellery brand is present.”

From the Martini Collection of classic, twinkling solitaire diamond studs – the three-prong settings holding stones in the shape of the iconic cocktail glass – to the Limitless Collection with pieces inspired by the infinity knot, this dedicated team have been offering attainable luxury since 2020. Now, the brand is expanding into the UK, US and Japan, and quite literally going global by featuring in airline and cruise-line catalogues. It is little wonder that Analucia herself has been interviewed by her idol Kathy Ireland on the Bloomberg TV show Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, which is broadcast to 198 million households worldwide.

Another key to expansion is on-the-ground retail, where people can experience the jewellery before purchasing it. “They need to ‘feel’ the jewellery,” says Analucia of her wish to bring a personal touch to the brand’s interactions with prospective clientele. It is clear that people resonate as much with her as they do with her jewellery, and she recalls often selling pieces after making a connection. At a recent party,a friendly chat with a fellow guest led to a new customer and two new engagement rings.

“When women relate to that person, that’s a huge responsibility. It’s more powerful when you connect,” explains Analucia, talking about how she and her brand are inextricably intertwined. “It goes together. It’s inevitable.”

As well as using sustainable diamonds and making luxury attainable, Analucia is redefining what it means to be a jewellery brand today. “It starts with the jewellery, making diamonds accessible, but the vision, the long-term goal, is much more. It branches out into a whole lifestyle.”

This vision has led to exciting moves, such as the exclusive collaboration with artist Max Jamali for Art Basel Miami in 2020 – an artwork created with 24-carat gold and 150 carats of diamond dust, which was auctioned for charity. Analucia is also in discussions to work with artists to translate their works into jewellery and would like to enter the cutting-edge business of NFTs. “Taking our creations, our jewellery, into the digital world takes it to another level, because it can appreciate over time – it’s an investment,” she says. “The core is still the jewellery, but in order to be different and be a leader – to be the diamond of the future – we need to innovate.”

With household names such as Pandora no longer using mined diamonds; Bloomberg publishing stories on the popularity of lab-grown stones with younger customers; and diamond industry analyst Edahn Golan reporting increases in market share (sales of synthetic diamond earrings rose 126 per cent in the US at the end of 2020, for example), Analucia is a designer truly ahead of the curve.