Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob’s limited-edition perfumes evoke the glamour of 1930s French society, when aristocratic perfumer Albert Fouquet met a future US president by chance and laid the foundations for a contemporary lifestyle brand of discreet luxury.

Albert was a self-taught connoisseur, creating scents for his own use. In 1937, on the French Riviera, a young American student was captivated by the cologne that Fouquet was wearing when they met, so Fouquet left him a bottle at his hotel. Once back in America, the student, one John F. Kennedy, wrote to Albert thanking him for his kindness. “He requested that he send him eight samples,” says Chief Marketing Officer Patricia Conejero, “and he wrote, ‘if your production allows, another one for Bob’, referring, of course, to his brother Robert F. Kennedy.”

Hence Eight & Bob was born, and a connection was forged that, in modern times, has led to a collaboration with the social justice organization Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. “We launched a special edition to mark the 50th anniversary of Bob Kennedy’s death,” says Patricia. “It’s our contribution towards his dream of building a more fair and peaceful society.”

Despite the popularity of Albert’s colognes – Cary Grant and James Stewart requested bottles – he died in a car accident in 1939 and his fragrances were lost for decades. That is, until they were rediscovered recently. “We were able to recover the formulas and production process,” says Patricia. “We have since been able to revive many scents in a collection celebrating our founder’s life and experiences.”

Working with leading perfumers in Grasse on the French Riviera, Paris and New York, Eight & Bob has added a contemporary touch to the original scents created by Albert Fouquet at his family château. Fragrances such as Cap d’Antibes, Champs de Provence and Mémoires de Mustique evoke his globetrotting travels.

Since its relaunch, the brand has expanded into home fragrances, travel sizes and sunglasses, as well as a complete collection for luxury hotels. “Eight & Bob has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years,” says Patricia. “Its prestige and recognition have increased and there are many brands in the luxury sector that share our values and are looking to collaborate with us.”

Beautifully packaged and evocative of an age of elegance and luxury, Eight & Bob perfumes are a tribute to the passion and finesse of the man who first created them.