About Us

The SJH Group is a world-leading creative media group that delivers bespoke solutions for a global client base. Comprising five unique publishing companies – St James’s House, Artifice Press, Black Dog Press, SJH Publishing and Cargo Media – the SJH Group embodies a diverse selection of industry-leading publishers with a wide range of expertise, from luxury lifestyle to global business, architecture to autobiography.

Today’s high-end publishing companies frequently serve as strategic partners for organisations that understand the power of well-connected publishers to communicate key messages for awareness and education. To this end, our world-class strategists provide a host of industry bodies, high-profile companies and government agencies with the expertise to entertain, inform and engage with their target audiences.

As a renowned global publisher with top-tier clients and relationships with major sales outlets, we are perfectly positioned to provide our partners with tangible products that tell their story, define their DNA and clearly differentiate them in the marketplace. Our publications and surrounding promotional activities also provide our partner organisations with unique opportunities to strategically engage with journalists, clients, business partners, professionals, academics and industry influencers.

On average, our publishing group prints more than 300,000 publications each year. This places us among the UK’s top-10 for media distribution, and makes us one of the country’s most influential distributors of published content across a broad range of subjects.